Multi Storey Buildings

Multi Storey Accomodation requied due to increase in land cost site locations are becoming major problem, Multi Story Storage Facilities allow clients to reach their square footage requirements. This enables a facility to make financial sense. With our high end design team we had made it possible to go multi storey which are aesthetically beautiful and meets international safety norms.

Product Description

Growing industrialization, housing, and the time-oriented era have lead people to think over the proper use of space. We, Multi Decor India are working dedicatedly to manufacture these prefabricated buildings. With years of experience, we have achieved various milestones in designing and development of Prefabricated buildings consuming less space than conventional buildings and now one of prominent Prefabricated Multi-Storey Building Supplier.

These Double storey/Multi-storey Buildings occupy less space and provide more workspace space or living spaces, which is really fantastic. The real meaning of “proper use of space” can be witnessed by visiting one of our Prefabricated Multistory buildings.

In multistory Buildings, the living space gets multiplied as many times the number of floors with a better design and layout on the same plot of land. There is also an option for creation of multiple rooms on the same floor. In fact, there can be kitchen, dining, living room downstairs and your bedroom upstairs. Also, you can use your one floor for workspace if you have a shop and small business and other floors can be utilized for living purpose. Imagine enjoying the beautiful view of the outer world and greenery from the window of your multistory building, located in lush green farmland or on the top of a hill! With “Multi Decor India” You can get your Prefabricated Double Storey/Multistorey Buildings quickly and at an affordable cost.

Also, We use the material in the making of the Walls of these double storey structure according to the customer’s requirement and we deal in all types of Walls like PVC, PUFF, PPGI, AEROCON PANEL, BISON BOARD etc. All these walls are perfectly constructed by incorporating water-resistant materials.

The Benefit of Prefabricated Multi-Storey Structure :

  • Versatility.
  • Flexibility for expansion next floor without any permission.
  • Can withstand in adverse Climatic Conditions.
  • Proper Use of Space.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.

Our main focus of these modular constructions is that we have the potential to shorten project design and installation time, reduce costs and improve construction productivity. The installation of modular buildings is affordable, safe from natural calamities and eco-friendly. The layout and specification are given by clients are given priority. Our complete concentration lies in the delivery of every project in a systematic and professional manner having a full focus on quality and timely delivery.

Silent Features of Prefabricated Multi Storey Buildings  are :

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Quality Build
  • Service in Remote Locations