Prefabricated Labour Camps

Prefabricated Labour Camp is designed for workers. Our company constructs a versatile range of Prefabricated Worker Accommodation which is high in quality and at the same time low in cost. These structures, manufactured using superior quality raw materials, are preferred for their sturdiness and quick installation.

Product Description

With the support of our skilled workforce, we are distinguished as one of the well-recognized organization engaged in offering a wide range of Prefabricated Labour Camps.

The main purpose of the “Prefabricated Labour Camps” is to save time and money. With many more advantages, Prefabricated Labour Camps are acting as a boon for labours. These Prefab Worker Camps are cost-efficient, easy to install, precisely designed with the perfect finish; keeping in mind all the things like heating and ventilation etc.

Furthermore, the material used by us in the making of the Walls of these Prefabricated Worker Accommodations entirely depends on the client’s requirement, as we have a handful of resources as we deal in all types of Walls like PVC, PUFF, PPGI, AEOCON PANEL, BISON BOARD etc. All these walls are entirely constructed by incorporating water-resistant materials.

Another fantastic thing with these prefabricated Labour Camps is that, if we don’t need them in a particular place anymore, they can be moved to another place and used for some other purpose. Buildings take too much time to get constructed. Whereas, in the case of such type of Prefabricated Labour Camps, they are easy to be assembled and can be ready in a matter of hours in case of emergencies. They can be installed at almost any place with less labour work.

Labour camps being the most affordable and fastest medium to accommodate labours, at any site, is in huge demand, not only in India but across the world. To know more about Prefabricated Labour Camps, feel free to get in touch with the sales team of Multi Decor India. Our Head Office is in Haryana, Delhi, India. We are ready with our services “the place you locate”

Silent Features of Prefabricated Site Office are :

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Quality Build
  • Service in Remote Locations
  • Resistant To Adverse Weather Conditions